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Computers vary in portability, performance, and power. When buying a new computer, you must know what requirements you want to ensure you are making the right purchase. Some things to consider are if you will need to upgrade later, along with portability and convenience. Conn's HomePlus has various computer options to choose from whether you are looking for work, school, gaming, or entertainment.

Choosing a Business Computer or Personal Computer

Business computers are best for those needing to use applications such as Microsoft Office. Other Office products that you may need on your business computer are Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Personal computers are typically used just for internet usage, reading the news, or streaming media. If you want to run software such as Adobe Photoshop or play computer games, you will need a good CPU processor. You may not need the best for a business computer, but a good high-speed processor will help your applications run faster.

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Are you working on the go? Gaming at home? Conn's HomePlus has all your computer needs covered.

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Shop Gaming PC - Desde $997

A gaming PC is like a traditional PC but has a gaming processor installed to give you an extra graphics card and allow you to play high demanding games.

Compra laptops 2 en 1 - Desde $897

A 2-in-1 laptop computer is like a laptop and a tablet in one. A 2-in-1 laptop is both unique and flexible to fit your everyday needs.

Ver laptops - Desde $399

Whether you are looking for a laptop for work, business, or entertainment, there are many options. Having a laptop gives you portability, and you can take your work, school, or games anywhere.

Comprar computadoras de escritorio - Desde $699

Desktop PCs are not portable like a laptop computer or 2-in-1 laptops. Instead, a desktop computer has a monitor and tower or is an all-in-one monitor that sits on a desk.

Shop Essential Accessories

We have the must-have accessories to create your ideal home office or gaming space, from big to small. Common computer accessories include:

  • • Gaming mouse or keyboard
  • • Auriculares
  • • Auriculares
  • • Micrófono
  • • Impresora
  • • Keyboard and mouse
  • • Cleaning accessories
  • • Monitor stands
  • • Computer chairs
  • • USB Hub
  • • Flash drive
  • • Altavoces
  • • Hard drive

Adding accessories to your computer can help make your computer more functional.

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Shop Monitors - Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles. You can use a computer monitor for several things, such as for your computer, streaming, or gaming.

Ver accesorios de informática - Find what you need to finish your setup. As mentioned above, there are several accessories you can add to your computer. Some extra accessories include keyboard and mouse pads, laptop case, desk organizer, power strip protector, and a laptop backpack.

Shop WiFi & Networking - The best solutions for streaming and connecting. Having a wireless network device allows you to stay connected without being tied down to cables. You can roam freely in your home or office and still be productive.

Shop Computer Components - Computer components include CPU, GPU, motherboard, PSU, memory, storage, and PC cooling devices. Having these components lets your computer be more operational. New inventory is added all the time!

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