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15 Outdoor Storage Ideas Blog Page | Conn's HomePlus

15 Outdoor Storage Ideas Blog Page | Conn's HomePlus

May 23rd 2022

Inside most homes, you will find the storage space you need to put away the things you do not use often. All of your possessions outside the home may not have that same luxury. Gardening tools, cushions, grilling utensils, toys, and other backyard items may need a safe space to be stored when they are not being used.

People who live in colder climates have a more difficult seasonal problem. They only get to use their patios during certain months of the year. When the cold and snow threaten to crash the summer party, they must find a place for their patio furniture and other basic backyard items. Let's look at 15 outdoor storage ideas to help you save patio space and even share some DIY projects.

3-Piece Mobile Space-Saving Garage Cabinet

This tabletop garage cabinet is a great addition to any garage. It has three separate storage spaces, two lockable cabinets, and one tuck-in drawer. The best part about this whole system is that it is 100% mobile. If you are working on a project somewhere on your property, you can move it exactly where you need access to your tools. A garage cabinet would be a great option for extra patio storage. The table can be used next to the grill or anything you need a tabletop for with extra storage.

Tall Garage Cabinet

This tall garage cabinet is designed much like the 3-piece, except it is long vertically instead of horizontally. A tall garage cabinet might be the perfect option for a small patio and limited space. It is a single tall cabinet, so it is great for storing longer items, like pool filters, rakes, shovels, etc. It also comes with a lock to keep your items safe and secure.

Mobile Garage Unit with Shelves

A mobile two-door garage unit comes with an adjustable shelf with various uses. You can keep it in the garage to store tools, but it can also be used as a portable liquor cabinet or an island on the porch.

Pillow Storage Bench

There is nothing that screams spring and summer like the addition of colorful decorative pillows. Decorative pillows can add a hint of brilliant color or match your other patio furniture to give a warm feeling of comfort and relaxation. If you live in a warmer climate, you can probably keep your pillows out year-round without much fuss. If you live in the north or the south, you may deal with rainy weather and storms. It will be great to have an easily accessible space to store your pillows quickly.

A pillow storage bench is great for homeowners of all climates. Generally, the top is a bench to sit on, but right below the sitting space is a drawer. Just pop open the drawer and toss the pillows inside. While we are suggesting this as a space for pillows, this space is quite versatile and can be used for blankets or anything else you can think of that would fit. The list is endless for gardening tools, bbq supplies, extra batteries, or radio.

Bike Storage Shed

Today, active kids have plenty of ways to get around, from bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. These ride-on toys can be scattered all over the place if they do not have a place where they can be stored. A bike storage shed can come in handy. It would not take too much work to build, and it could have a roof to keep these expensive toys safe from the elements. Think of it like a mini-garage.

Wood Storage Shed

If you live in a colder climate or enjoy bonfires, then a wood storage shed is a must-have. It does not have to be large, but it helps keep all the wood you need throughout the season in one place. The shed can be painted to your color scheme and placed just about anywhere.

Garden Arbor with Seat Storage

If you search for the perfect place to relax while enjoying your garden, you can create a garden arbor. It has a roof to protect against the hot sun or a stray shower and a hidden storage area under the seat.

Repurposed and DYI Patio Storage Ideas

Garden Hose Storage

Garden hoses are necessary for any home with a yard and garden. The problem is that they tend to be an eyesore, can get twisted up, or cause a tripping hazard. Believe it or not, there are ways you can store your garden hose safely, securely, and mostly out of sight. There are storage pots made from fiberglass you can purchase that look exactly like stone planters with a hole on the pot's side to connect the hose to the water supply and a guide that helps keep it from getting tangled up. Garden hose storage is a must-have time-saving idea for anyone who regularly struggles with their garden hoses.

Garden Tool Rack

If you have a backyard garden, you might be wondering about the best way to store your tools and other essentials. Gloves, rakes, shovels, and other handheld yard tools can be kept nearby during the green season by utilizing an old shipping pallet. You won't have to transport your tools to the garden every time you're ready to get your hands dirty. The great thing about this pallet is you can paint it whatever color suits your fancy. Just hang it on a fence or wall nearest your garden, add hooks and nails, and it's good to go.

Repurposed Storage Crate

If you have an extra crate lying around, it can be easily repurposed into a storage crate made into a table and works well as an end-table that can be opened from the top or side for extra storage. It is perfect for family games, outdoor utensils, books, or anything you need to keep out of the way until it is needed.

Ladder-Style Shelving

Not all ideas for saving space need to be placed to hide things, and some items can be used to complete a good look. The ladder used for shelving can fit that description. Find a ladder with longer "steps" where you can store items like plants, trowels, yarn, jars, etc.

Bin Storage

Your garbage cans can be eyesores that stink. Many homeowners have built wooden units that open from the top and the side. The top opens when it is time to toss out your garbage bags, and the side opens when you need to wheel your trash bin to the curb for garbage pick-up. It helps lessen the garbage smell while adding an aesthetic appeal to your yard.

Backyard Playhouse

If you have children, you know they love having their own space where they can play. You often find the backyard littered with their toys and are unsure where to keep it all. You can bring them inside the house, but that is a lot of work carrying toys in and out. Instead, consider building a backyard playhouse. The kids will have a place where they can allow their imagination to go wild. You will have a place to store the toys when they are done playing with them, making yard clean-up easier.

Drink Cooler

A perfect way to keep your drinks cold this summer and your patio looking great is to make your own drink cooler out of a wooden trunk. Line the inside of the trunk with plastic and styrofoam. Add ice and drinks, and you have a decorative way to wow your guests with cold drinks. You could even add pillows or cushions to the top of the trunk to use for extra seating. What a comfy and creative idea!

Vintage BBQ Tool Rack

If you love to have BBQs, you need a place to store your favorite utensils and equipment. A great storage rack idea is to take a repurposed metal rack and turn it upside down. You can hang your grilling utensils from the rack tongs.

Finding the right storage for your patio space can add beauty, color, and convenience to your yard. Not all suggestions here fit every budget, but most of the ideas listed above are budget-friendly. These ideas can help spruce up your yard and add the storage space you need.