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Appliance Buying Guide

Appliance Buying Guide

May 6th 2022

Technology and gadgets have swept into our lives as a wholesome shift in the way of simpler living. With changing times and the pace of growth, the best appliances have become more of a necessity than a luxury.

To help keep your shopping experience and lifestyle simple, we have given you a detailed appliance buying guide to help you make an informed decision within the budget.

Aires acondicionados

Find The Right Size

Before buying an air conditioner, it is essential to be stated with a few checkpoints. One of these points would be the dimensions of the air conditioner. It is better to decide the dimensions and placement of the air conditioner before shopping. To determine the correct air conditioner size, measure the area in length, width, and height. Once you have the size, you are ready to look for the best style that fits your space and budget.

Types of Air Conditioners

Smart Electronic Window Air Conditioner

The GE® ENERGY STAR® Smart Electronic Window Air Conditioner comes with a cooling capacity of 23,500/22,900 BTU, which is perfect for extra-large rooms up to 1500 square feet (about half the area of a tennis court). The air conditioner provides maximum comfort cooling, along with energy saver mode. The installation remains super easy, and not to forget the electronic thermostat feature with the remote.


  • • Apart from the cooling capacity, the air conditioner has the following-
  • • Connected Peace of Mind- This feature lets you monitor, schedule, and control the air conditioner anywhere.
  • • Comfort Cool- You can select from 3 cooling and fan speeds for energy-efficient cooling.
  • • Voice Controlled- The air conditioner can be paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices.
  • • Clean Filter Reminder- The appliance works best when the filter is clean. Therefore, a reminder to do the same when needed.•

Eficiencia energética

The Energy Saver Mode automatically turns off the compressor and the fan once the room is cool to help save on utilities.

Rango de precios

The price of the GE® ENERGY STAR® 23,500/22,900 BTU 230/208 Volt Smart Electronic Window Air Conditioner – AHFK24AA is currently $599.88

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Aire acondicionado portátil

The GE 10,000 BTU - MAX Portable Air Conditioner – APCA10YZMW enables your environment with 10,000 BTUs (MAX). The portable air conditioner comes with a remote to add convenience to the cooling process.


The GE 10,000 BTU - MAX Portable Air Conditioner – APCA10YZMW comes with the following-

  • • Dehumidify Function
  • • Control remoto
  • • Acceso al filtro
  • • RoHS Compliant
  • • Window Exhaust Kit
  • • Window Kit min/max (in): 20" - 46"
  • • Minimum Window Opening: 4.8
  • • Exhaust Hose Length (ft): 5.0
  • • Ruedas
  • • Self-Evaporative
  • • Continuous Condensate Drain

Rango de precios

The GE 10,000 BTU - MAX Portable Air Conditioner – APCA10YZMW is currently available at $349.8 8

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Aire acondicionado, frío/calor

The GE Electronic Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner – AEE08AT comes with 8,000 BTUs, 11.0 EER, and 115 Volts. It fits well in 27" - 36" wide windows with a minimum height of 16 13/32". This air conditioner combo comes with a remote and electronic digital thermostat. There are many features to enjoy.


The GE Electronic Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner – AEE08AT is equipped with the following features- Content Recommendations

  • • Airflow (cfm) Room side (hi/low): 270/240
  • • Delay Timer: 24 hours on/off
  • • Estilo de rejillas: ajustables hacia los 4 lados
  • • Tipo de montaje: EZ Mount
  • • Tipo de enchufe: Paralelo/ángulo recto/ NEMA 5-15p/ LCDI
  • • Control remoto: sí
  • • Compresor giratorio: sí
  • • Tipo de termostato: electrónico
  • • Tipo de unidad: unidad de frío/calor
  • • Tipo de refrigerante: R-410A, refrigerante que no afecta la capa de ozono

Rango de precios

The air conditioner is currently priced at $399.88

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Find The Right Size

Finding the right fridge that fits your needs and your space can be a task. Here is a quick guide to measuring your new refrigerator.

As the first step, measure the width of the refrigerator. Start measuring from the wall to the counters. Then, go from cabinet to cabinet to get your available refrigerator space. Next, measure the height from the floor to the bottom of the cabinets. As the third step, measure the refrigerator depth. For this, start from the wall to move to the edge of the countertop. The dimensions should be around 24 to 25 inches deep.

Once you have the measurement, you should ensure sufficient space for the refrigerator to fit and move around if need be. You would not want a tight space.

What Fits Your Style

Modern lifestyles need modern appliances, and we have various refrigerators to choose from with modern technology. Find out what fits best for your lifestyle and buy your appliances today!

Refrigeradores con puerta francesa


When shopping for a French Door Refrigerator, here are a few cool features:

  • • Quick Cool and Freeze
  • • Humidity Control System
  • • Edge-to-Edge Shelves
  • • 33-Inch-Wide Refrigerator
  • • Counter-Depth Design
  • • Fingerprint Resistant Stainless

Rango de precios

The prices for French Door Refrigerators range from $1199 to $4099.

De dos puertas verticales

The Side-by-Side Refrigerators have the following features-

  • • Ultra Large Organized Capacity
  • • Smooth Touch Ice & Water Dispenser with UV nano
  • • Fresh Innovations
  • • Interior Style & Design
  • • Smart Features

Rango de precios

Side-by-side Refrigerators costs between $1197 to $2899.

Refrigeradores con freezer arriba


If you are planning to buy a Top-Freezer Refrigerator, make sure to keep a check on the following features-

  • • Large Capacity & LED Lighting
  • • Dispensador de agua interno
  • • Puertas contorneadas con manijas embutidas
  • • Spill Protector Tempered Glass Shelves
  • • Multi-Air Flow Technology
  • • Matching Ice Maker

Rango de precios

The Top-Freezer Refrigerators ranged from $659 to $1124.

Refrigeradores con freezer abajo


A Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator will have the following features-

  • • Gran capacidad de 26 pies cúbicos
  • • Door Cooling+
  • • Con calificación Energy Star®
  • • Multi-Air Flow™ Technology
  • • Iluminación LED premium
  • • 2 gavetas para frutas y verduras con control de humedad

Rango de precios

The prices of Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators vary from $1649 to $1749.

Mini refrigerador


Need a mini fridge? Look for the following features-

  • • R 600 un refrigerante amigable con el medio ambiente
  • • Three full-width glass shelves
  • • Five integrated door shelves
  • • Set and forget thermostat
  • • Scratch-resistant worktop

Rango de precios

Mini Fridge costs from $299 to $969.


Find The Right Size

Laundry is not always a fun task, as it can be tedious with all the sorting and folding. But a good washing machine and dryer can take a load off of your daily chores. The right washer can last for years. Before buying a washer, you must know the correct size to fit your space.

Measure the space where you plan to install your washer. Ensure that you allow at least a gap of 6 inches behind the washer. This space is for water hookups. Apart from this, keep an inch gap between the washer and dryer. Not just this, but also measure the doors to ensure that the new washer can fit through.

What Fits Your Style

Modern washers are sleek and designed to fit various needs and budgets, from top load and front load to steel and aluminum tub and large capacity.

Lavadora de carga superior


The top load washers comprise most of the following features-

  • • Smarter Wash Technology
  • • Tecnología antimicrobiana de Microban
  • • Smart FlexDispense
  • • Tangle Control
  • • Garantía limitada de 10 años
  • • Smart Features powered by SmartHQ™
  • • Built-In Wi-Fi powered by Smart HQ
  • • Desinfectante
  • • Easier Access Capacity
  • • Lavado rápido
  • • Llenado profundo
  • • Con calificación ENERGY STAR®

Rango de precios

The top load washer can range between $500 to $1500. Check out for more details.

Lavadora de carga frontal


The front-load washers have a list of features:

  • • Flex Wash
  • • AI-Powered Smart Dial
  • • SuperSpeed Wash
  • • Conectividad Wi-Fi
  • • CleanGuard
  • • Extra-Large 6.0 cu. ft. Total Capacity

Rango de precios

Ranging from $499 to $1300, we have a variety to choose from.


Find The Right Size

Before buying a dishwasher, measure to find the right size for your use. Start by measuring the dishwasher cabinet. Precisely, measure from cabinet to cabinet. Be sure that the sides of your dishwasher are enclosed once it is installed.

Once this is done, measure the depth of the dishwasher cabinet. Do this from the back of the opening, measuring to the front. Remember to leave at least 27 inches in front of the dishwasher as this will make it comfortable to load and unload the dishes

Lastly, measure the height of the dishwasher cabinet. Start measuring from the floor where the dishwasher will be installed, taking it to the lowest point. Note that most dishwashers require a 34 ½ to 36 inches opening.

What Fits Your Style

Make heavy load dishwashing easier and more effective with the range of dishwashers available at competitive prices.

Lavavajillas con control superior


Make sure to look out for the following features while buying a top control dishwasher-

  • • Spacious rack to load additional utensils and silverware
  • • Fingerprint resistant exterior
  • • Easily adjustable upper rack
  • • 6 Wash Cycles and 6 Options for pressure and temperature
  • • Hidden heating element
  • • Improved drying performance
  • • Certificación ENERGY STAR

Price Ranges

Several top control dishwashers have been listed in the price range of $549 to $1099.

Find out what fits your need.

Front Control Dishwasher


The front control dishwasher comes with the following features- 

  • • Capacidad para 5 servicios de mesa
  • • Optimizes Space with Third Rack
  • • Durable and Long-Lasting Hybrid Tub
  • • Panel de control táctil completamente integrado
  • • Sensor de pérdidas

Rango de precios

The diverse collection of front control dishwashers is available from $347 to $849.

Find out which is for you!

Now is the right time to buy your new appliances.