The beautifully crafted Fresno Collection tan sectional couch will give your home an unmissable degree of comfort and class alike. With the double padded arms and cloud-like comfort of this tan couch, you may find yourself struggling for a reason to stand up! Topped off with dual recliners, this tan sofa offers optimum relaxation and stress relief.

This unforgettable design features a wing tufted back for a classic appeal and perfect place to unload after a long day. The rich coloring and smooth texture presents a calming light brown sofa that is easy to clean and soft on the skin. Whether in your first apartment or lasting family home, you can not go wrong with this stunning tan sectional couch.

Fresno Collection Sectional Couch

Dual reclining for a relaxed family

Classic wing tufted back

Double padded arms for full body comfort

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Detalles técnicos
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SKU de Conn'sXW5228ML32M31827
Requiere montajeno
ColorMarrón claro
Medidas91” X 39” X 42” (WxHxD)
Información adicional
360 Maximum Suggested Weight per Seat
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Fresno Living Room Collection - Sofa
Fresno - Muebles de sala - Sofá reclinable doble
SKU #: XW5228ML32M31827