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Camas para niños pequeños

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Toddler Beds for Sale

Is your little one ready to get rid of the crib and sleep in a big kid's bed? The day your child is ready to upgrade their bed is a huge milestone for you and your child. You can make your child's room their own by selecting a bed that fits their needs and interests. At Conn's HomePlus, we have several beds that can help you make a safe transition so you and your child can get a good night's rest.

What to Look for in Toddler Beds

There are two styles of toddler beds - one that looks like a mini twin bed (which can be a race car bed, tent, cartoon characters like paw patrol, etc.) or an actual twin bed. Below are some things to consider, no matter the style you choose.

  • •Side rails to help prevent falls
  • •No recalls on the bed or mattress
  • •A sturdy bed that can uphold jumping, bouncing, and wiggling
  • •Low to the ground so your child can get in and out of bed without trouble
  • •The mattress should fit snuggly in the frame, and the guardrails should be against the mattress
  • •Never use an air mattress or waterbed as these can be a suffocation hazard
  • •A simple layout that does not have any cutouts that could harm your child

Types of Toddler Beds

There are three types of toddler beds - convertible cribs, toddler beds and mattresses, and twin-sized beds. Having the right bed can help your child get 12 - 14 hours of sleep daily. Below is a breakdown of the most common toddler beds.

Convertible Cribs - This bed can be reconfigured into a toddler bed. The crib's sides can be lowered, acting as the guardrails for your new toddler bed. This is typically a good option if you currently have a convertible crib or plan on having more children.

Toddler-Sized Beds - the definition of a toddler bed is any frame that can hold a crib mattress while still allowing your child to get in and out of bed on their own. These beds can hold up to 50 pounds.

Twin-Sized Beds - if you want to make a longer investment, a toddler can sleep safely in a twin-sized bed with some safety steps. If the bed has guardrails around the bed and it is low to the ground, your child can sleep in a twin-sized bed. This type of bed is a little more costly upfront, but your child can use this bed for years to come.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

If you are looking for the best toddler bed at an affordable price, Conn's HomePlus has several options to choose from. Conn's is an excellent place to shop if you are looking for toddler beds and other kids' room furniture or nursery furniture. Shop in-store at a local Conn's HomePlus near you or online today.

Preguntas frecuentes

How long can a toddler bed be used for?

Typically, a child can use a toddler bed until five years old, depending on the bed size, the size of your child, and your and your child’s preferences.

How much weight can a toddler bed hold?

It is recommended that your child be moved to a toddler bed when the child can climb or reach 35" in height. Also, the weight limit for a toddler bed is 50 pounds, and for a twin-sized bed, the limit is up to 300 pounds.

Where can I find a Conn’s near me?

If you wish to purchase your next twin-sized toddler bed in-store, you can use our Store Locator Tool to find a store near you.