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Kids Bedroom Vanity for Sale

When looking for a makeup vanity for your daughter to put makeup on or do her hair, a bedroom vanity is a good option. Bedroom vanities can help keep all cosmetic tools and accessories stored away while giving you a place to get ready. However, keep the features, materials, and finishes in mind when shopping for a kid's vanity. At Conn's HomePlus, we have several options for you to choose from for your next purchase.

Vanity Features

When shopping for a child's vanity, the first thing to look at is the features. These features are important because they can help change your use of vanity. When looking for a vanity, one option is to consider the extra storage or drawers where all amenities can be kept. Also, some vanities can have a mirror attached or even a lighted mirror. You can opt for mirror options with different adjustments for different viewing angles. Lastly, another feature to consider is a vanity bench or vanity stool. When shopping for a bench or stool, it is important to choose something comfortable, as your child will be spending time getting ready.

Vanity Materials

Next, when making a vanity purchase, the material is important. The material type will determine the durability and comfort of the vanity table for your child. Typically, wood is a more popular material for vanity sets, and this is because it is more durable. Wood vanities can be made into several shapes, making your vanity more unique.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

When shopping for bedroom furniture, Conn's HomePlus has you covered. Whether you are shopping for a vanity table, vanity mirror, or a whole vanity set, Conn's HomePlus has what you need. Every little girl needs a vanity table to prepare and feel like a princess. Shop for a vanity set with everything you need, including storage and drawers to store all your beauty supplies.

Preguntas frecuentes

Does Conn’s HomePlus ship children’s vanity sets?

Yes, we do! We have several vanities in stock, and many of our locations deliver for your convenience. Conn’s also offers other options that can be shipped to your home. Click here to learn more about our shipping options for your next vanity table.

Does Conn’s offer financing options?

If you need help affording the perfect kids' vanity set for your child, you can quickly apply for Conn’s YES Money financing online. Get approved within minutes to purchase your new bedroom furniture with low affordable monthly payments.

Where can I find a local Conn’s HomePlus store?

Conn’s is located in several areas of the United States. Use our Store locator Tool to find Conn’s HomePlus near you.