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Shop Nursery Nightstands

A nursery nightstand is a good way to store items you want to keep close such as books, lamps, and décor. Some people prefer to use a nursery nightstand to store items on, so you do not have to search for them in the middle of the night. At Conn's HomePlus, we have a wide range of nursery nightstands that will be perfect for you and your little one's nursery.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Nursery Nightstand

Putting a nightstand in your child's nursery helps with décor and balances the room as an additional functional piece of furniture. Nursery nightstands can be used as storage options or somewhere to store decorations. It is important to consider some things before choosing the perfect nursery nightstand for your child's room.

Dimensions – the height of the nightstand will need to be as high as the mattress to serve its purpose. You should consider the width of the bed and the space between the bed and the wall. Remember that nightstands are to be placed a few inches away from the bed – so be sure to leave enough room for blankets and sheets.

Storage – before making a nightstand purchase, you should consider your child’s storage needs. If you need space for books or accent pieces, you can opt for a nightstand with storage options such as drawers or shelves. However, if you do not need the nightstand for extra storage, you can choose a sleeker nightstand with no drawer.

Material – the material of your nightstand should be something that can be easily cleaned. Often nightstands for children’s rooms are wood, metal, marble, and laminated particle board because they are more durable.

Color – the color of the nightstand is important because it should match or complement the rest of the room. In a smaller nursery, you can opt for a light-colored nightstand; in a larger nursery, you can choose something darker.

Style – there are several style types to choose from when looking at nightstands. Typically, for a nursery, it is suitable to go with something simpler with minimal storage and with a non-toxic finish.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

As you begin to put your nursery together, you may notice that you are missing one final piece of baby furniture: the baby nightstand. Not all nurseries are about the baby crib, and at Conn's, we have several nightstands that will work great in your nursery. With a great selection and affordable prices, you can find what you need at Conn's HomePlus.

Preguntas frecuentes

Does Conn’s HomePlus offer financing for baby nursery furniture?

At Conn's, we work with you as you begin your journey to purchasing nursery furniture. Conn's offers several financing options for you. Do not worry if you have been turned down before for bad or no credit; Conn's HomePlus offers financing for those with less-than-perfect credit. ¡Solicita crédito hoy!

How tall does a nursery nightstand need to be?

Typically, the nightstand should be level with the mattress or 2 – 4 inches taller, making it easy for someone to reach something.

Will Conn’s ship to my house?

Yes! We offer delivery options to your home; depending on your location, you can receive next-day delivery. Check out our delivery and shipping information page.