MSI Trident 3 and Optix 27" Bundle - TRIDENT3OPTIX27

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MSI Trident 3 and Optix 27" Bundle - TRIDENT3OPTIX27

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See Beyond the Game

Visualize Your Victory

GAME IN STYLE: The MPG series brings out the best in gamers by allowing full expression in color with advanced RGB lighting control and synchronization. Experiment on another level of personalization with a front LED strip that provides convenient in-game and real-time notifications. With the MPG series, transform your equipment into the center of attention and top leaderboards in style.

MSI Trident Optix Bundle Includes:

MSI MPG Trident 3 10th (TRIDENT3001)

  • WORLD SMALLEST GAMING PC - Designed with a 4.72 liters case, MPG Trident 3 fits in most conventional backpack and weights only 6.99lbs. Take it everywhere and enjoy your game.
  • VERTICALLY OR HORIZONTALLY - With the included exclusive stand, you can decide how to place your MPG Trident 3 to fit your gaming needs.
  • LIGHT UP YOUR RIG - Customize your MPG Trident 3 with Mystic Light. Simply select any available colors from the palette and design your own LED Effect.
  • THE LATEST WIFI 6 TECHNOLOGY - The MSI Desktop features the latest Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax standard, and speed up to 2.4 Gbps, which is 3x times faster than the Ethernet LAN. The latency is also 75% lower than the previous generation.
  • MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE - Featuring USB Type-C, the MPG Trident 3 boosts your productivity with the convenience of supporting other Type-C devices.
  • ALL NEW NAHIMIC 3 NEXT LEVEL AUDIO IMMERSION - Enhance in-game 3D surround sound and make finite control over your music, movies, and conference calls.

MSI Optix G27C5 27" Curved Gaming Monitor (OPTIXG27C5)

  • 27” CURVED GAMING DISPLAY (1500R) – The best gameplay immersion.
  • 165Hz REFRESH RATE – Respond faster with smoother frames.
  • 1ms RESPONSE TIME – Eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates.
  • TRUE COLORS – Colors and details will look more realistic and refined
  • ADJUSTABLE STAND – Easily change the position of the monitor for maximum ergonomics.
  • AMD FREESYNC® – Prevent screen tearing or stuttering, producing ultrasmooth gameplay.

Detalles técnicos
Más información
Marca MSI
Tipo Videojuegos
Color Negro
Medidas Desktop with stand: 13.93"x 3.84"x 9.90"
  • Desktop w/o stand: 13.63"x 2.83"x 9.15"
  • Monitor: 24.07" W x 8.65" D x 17.98" H
  • Garantía
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