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Shop Baby Changing Table

An important part of a baby nursery is the changing table. Not only does a changing table give you a convenient place to change your baby, but it can also offer extra storage in your nursery. At Conn's HomePlus, you will find various changing tables in several colors and designs. You can choose from a dresser with a changing top or 3 - 4 dresser drawers for storage. Browse through our large selection of baby changing tables to find the best one.

Types of Changing Tables

When picking out a changing table, it is important to understand the different types and uses of changing tables. Below is a list of the commonly used baby changing tables for a nursery.

Changing Table

A changing table will give you a specific place to change your baby. Typically, a changing table has a simple design that gives you space for a changing pad on top and either shelves or drawers below for extra storage. This is a good option if you do not have limited space in your nursery.

Changing-Table Dresser

If you have a smaller nursery or need extra storage space, having a changing-table dresser may be a good option. This gives you a changing table and dresser in one. Most changing-table dressers are made to allow the changing table to be removed after your little one has grown out of it, still giving you the option to use the dresser as the baby grows.

Crib and Changing Table Combo

You can get both the crib and the changing table. This option makes quick changes easy and gets your little one back to bed. The changing table is on one side of the crib and often has built-in shelves or drawers for storage.

Changing Table Toppers

Most changing tables have built-in toppers to have a stand-alone changing table. The topper has four walls that hold a changing pad. The topper attaches to the dresser using straps and is an easy way to create a changing table dresser that fits your décor and needs.

Changing Table Features

Changing tables have different features that can help with safety or comfort for you and your little one. Some changing table features include the following.

GREENGUARD Gold-Certified – having the GREENGUARD Gold certification indicates that the changing table has met the standards and limits for indoor use. This also means that it will not put a significant odor into the air, which is a good choice for your baby’s nursery.

Changing Pad Included – if you can, choose a changing table that has the changing pad included. This ensures you have a safe and comfortable place to change your little one. A changing pad sits inside the topper and is held by four small walls. You can also opt for a changing pad cover to help protect the pad from any spills or accidents.

Changing Pad Safety Strap – a safety strap is an added safety measure to help keep your little one safe while on the changing pad. You will gently wrap the strap around your little one to help prevent any accidents. However, even with the safety strap, keeping your hand on your child is still best if you need to look away for a moment.

Tip-Over Restraint – You can opt for a changing table with tip-over restraints to prevent the changing table from tipping over. This restraint anchors your changing table or dresser to the wall. This is especially needed when your child begins to crawl or walk; you do not have to worry about a large piece of furniture tipping over in the nursery.

Removable Changing Tray – most changing table dressers come with a removable topper. You can remove the changing table after your child has outgrown it, and this frees up the top of your dresser for added storage or décor.

Assembled – by choosing a changing table that is already assembled, you can save time and often money.

Portable – you may find that you are traveling more than not, so having a portable changing table would be beneficial.

Changing Table Storage Options

Once you have found a changing table that you like with the extra features you need, now is time to look at the storage options. Below is a list of multiple storage options available with changing tables.

Drawers – you can use drawers to store items that you use the most such as diapers, wipes, or even clothing. Once your child is older, you can use the drawers for more clothing, toys, and bedding.

Open Shelves – having a changing table with open shelves allows you to reach your supplies quickly. Once your little one is more mobile, you can use these shelves for their toys, allowing them to grab them more easily.

Baskets – if you want to reach your supplies easily but do not want them seen, you can opt for a changing table with baskets, which helps keep the shelves clean and organized.

Cabinets – cabinets on your changing table allows you to store larger items and keep them out of eyes view. You can store extra toys, stuffed animals, or baskets.

Hamper – make changing your baby easier by choosing a changing table with a hamper included. You can throw dirty clothes into your hamper without stepping away from your baby.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Complete your baby's nursery with a baby-changing table from Conn's HomePlus. Regarding nursery furniture, Conn's is the best place to shop to find everything you need for your nursery and other rooms in your home. Conn's has many nursery furniture options, including baby gear, cribs, dressers, nursery furniture sets, and outdoor playsets. Shop Conn's HomePlus today for all your home furniture and décor needs.

Preguntas frecuentes

What height should a baby changing station be?

Typically, a baby changing table is anywhere between 36 - 40 inches; therefore, you can use a dresser as a changing table if there is enough room. You will want your child to be able to lie down comfortably with enough room.

Does Conn’s deliver baby changing tables?

Yes, we offer shipping to select states. Visit our shipping and delivery page to find more information.

Will Conn’s ship to my house?

Yes! We offer delivery options to your home; depending on your location, you can receive next-day delivery. Check out our delivery and shipping information page.

Can I shop in-store to find a baby changing table?

There are several Conn’s HomePlus stores located in the United States. We understand that it is an important decision when shopping for baby furniture, so you may need to see it in person before making your purchase. Use our Store Locator Tool to find a Conn’s near you.