The Optima Collection Loveseat

The Optima Collection electric reclining loveseat with console starts off strong through 2-point comfort with dual powered recliners and headrest control. Recharge in your favorite position while you charge your electronics in a loveseat with USB ports in the easy access control modules. Center console stainless steel cup holders pair off with 2 concealed pullout cup holders to optimize surface area while preventing spills. Enjoy your time at home more than ever with this feature packed and extra comfy electric reclining loveseat with console.

Let the highly demanded features and classic styling in this loveseat become an unmissable focal point in your home. The piece always impresses three times over: First with its looks, again with its comfort, and once more with its bells and whistles. Sit back into luxury with this advanced living room set optimized for you.


Two stainless steel cup holders in console plus 2 bonus pullout cup holders

Electric headrest and recliner control

Easy access USB charging ports

Soft and strong espresso brown polyester fabric

*Max suggested weight: 300 lbs per recliner / 600 lbs total

Detalles técnicos
Más información
SKU de Conn's7770149HR
Material100% poliéster
MedidasLoveseat (W x D x H): 77" x 43" x 41"
Información adicional
300 Maximum Suggested Weight per Seat
Garantía de piezas del fabricante/Mano de obraRecliner Mechanism: Lifetime, 1 Year Fabric, 5 Year Frames, Cushions 2 Years
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Recliner Mechanism: Lifetime, 1 Year Fabric, 5 Year Frames, Cushions 2 Years

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Optima P2 - Muebles con movimiento - Sillón reclinable eléctrico con apoyacabezas

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