Extra-large capacity Smart 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator features the Beverage Center with both a water dispenser and AutoFill Water Pitcher, plus a Dual Ice Maker with nugget-style Ice Bites.

Samsung - Refrigerador inteligente Flex™ de 4 puertas, 29 pies cúb.

Large Capacity of 29 cu. ft.

Acabado resistente a las huellas dactilares

Beverage Center

Dual Ice Maker with Ice Bites and Cubed Ice


Jarra de agua de llenado automático

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SKU del fabricante RF29A9671SR
SKU de Conn'sRF29A9671SR
ColorAcero inoxidable
Capacidad (pies cúb.)28+
Cantidad de puertas4
Dispensador de agua y hieloAmbos
Dispositivo para hacer hieloDispositivo doble para hacer hielo
Ubicación del dispensador de aguaInterna
Profundidad de instalaciónEstándar
Ancho (pulgadas)35" a 40 9/10"
Capacidad total29 pies cúb.
Tipo de refrigeraciónTriple & Metal Cooling
Capacidad del refrigerador17.4 pies cúb.
Compartimentos del refrigerador3 Shelves (2 split), 2 Humidity Crispers, 6 Door Bins
Luz del refrigerador
Tipo de descongelaciónManual
Capacidad del freezer11.6 pies cúb.
Compartimentos del freezer2 Door, 2 Drawers, 10 Bins (6 Door Bins)
Luz de freezer
Dispositivos incorporadosWater Dispenser & Ice Maker
Color/AcabadoAcero inoxidable
DiseñoFrench Door, 4 Door
Peso del producto333
MedidasProduct Dimensions with Hinges, Handles and Door:
35 7/8" (L) x 71 7/8" (H) x 33 7/8" (D)

Product Dimensions without Hinges and Door:
35 7/8" (L) x 70 3/4" (H) x 29 3/8" (D)
Etiqueta Energy Guide704 kWh/año
Garantía de piezas del fabricante/Mano de obraHaz clic aquí para ver detalles de la garantía.
Beverage Center
Quick access to refreshingly cool, filtered water two ways. Choose from an internal dispenser or a built-in pitcher that automatically refills, with the option to infuse with a flavor.

Dual Ice Maker with Ice Bites
Enjoy your favorite beverage with your choice of ice. Select from cubed ice or new nugget-style Ice Bites that chill your drink faster. Makes up to 6 lbs per day, stores up to 9 lbs total.

Customize your lower-right storage space to be a refrigerator or freezer. With five adjustable settings, you choose what foods to store from fruits and vegetables to your favorite ice cream.

Superior organizational storage
With 29 cu. ft. of capacity, this spacious refrigerator is designed for convenience, offering unmatched flexibility and organization to store and access all your favorite foods with ease.

Seamlessly designed for a modern look
A modern, built-in look featuring a minimalist exterior with a signature flat door design and recessed handles that blend seamlessly into your kitchen.

Flexible freshness
A flexible storage drawer that is perfect for storing meats, veggies, or cheeses at their optimal temperature with two customizable temperature settings.

Fresh air, day after day
Keep the air in your fridge fresh day after day with a built-in deodorizing filter. The filter reduces odor from the air in your fridge, while UV technology continuously cleans the filter itself.

Powerful cooling performance
A premium cooling system featuring three evaporators for ultimate freshness and providing precise temperature and humidity controls in all three zones to help your food stay fresher longer.
12 meses
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Samsung 29 cu. ft. Smart 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator
Samsung - Refrigerador inteligente Flex™ de 4 puertas con centro de bebidas y dispositivo doble para hacer hielo, 29 pies cúb., acero inoxidable, RF29A9671SR
SKU #: RF29A9671SR

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