The Spectrum Collection Chocolate Brown Recliner Loveseat

Integrating popular features with eye catching style, the Spectrum Collection dark brown recliner loveseat with console completes any richly colored living room. Enjoy a beverage free of concern with 2 easy to reach cup holders in the center console. This sturdy dark brown reclining loveseat is tough to beat.

Featuring padded chaise footrests for even weight distribution, this elaborate chocolate brown loveseat brings modern day comfort with a complementing classic style. Tile pattern stitching overlays breathable and easy to clean fabric, so the reclining loveseat with center console cover looks great and stays healthy. In all, this long lasting and cozy loveseat will keep a smile on your face--right up until you fall asleep from getting too comfortable.

2 cup holders in center consolePadded chaise footrest for leg comfortLong-life easy to clean fabric


2 cup holders in center console

Padded chaise footrest for leg comfort

Long-life easy to clean fabric

Elaborate tile patterned stitching

*Max suggested weight: 300 lbs per recliner / 600 lbs total.

Detalles técnicos
Más información
SKU del fabricante 9880140
SKU de Conn's9880140
MaterialTela transpirable y fácil de limpiar
DiseñoTransicional / Tradicional
Medidas78” x 44” x 43”
Información adicionalHay otras piezas disponibles:
Sofá reclinable (9880130D)
Sillón reclinable deslizante (9880110G)
300 Maximum Suggested Weight per Seat
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Spectrum Loveseat 9880140
Loveseat reclinable con gabinete Spectrum
SKU #: 9880140