The pinnacle of form and function, the Titanium Elite leather loveseat sectional couch with two recliners makes an impressive addition to any room or sitting area. This mini sofa with storage containers in the center console and armrests has plenty of space to stash items and keep the room organized. Combined with four spots to hold cups, the beautiful leather loveseat with drink holders means that you can skip side tables all together and maximize the sitting area in your home.

This power recliner loveseat would be incomplete without dual point precision control over the headrest tilt and recliner. Lean back and kick your feet up for a comfortable nap, or set the headrest tilt to the perfect angle and watch TV without straining the neck. The combination of features and design make this piece one of the best leather power reclining loveseat options available today.

Electric power recliner and headrest tilt controlHidden center console and armrest storageEquipped with four cup holders

Titanium Elite Plus - Loveseat reclinable eléctrico

Electric power recliner and headrest tilt control

Hidden center console and armrest storage

Equipped with four cup holders

Timeless natural leather

*Max suggested weight: 300 lbs per recliner / 600 lbs total.

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SKU del fabricante L7390149HR
SKU de Conn'sL7390149HR
MaterialCuero italiano
ColorMarrón oscuro
Medidas74” x 38.5” x 44”
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Titanium Elite Power Plus Reclining Loveseat
Titanium Elite Plus - Loveseat reclinable eléctrico
SKU #: L7390149HR