The Transformer Collection Sofa

Equipped with unparalleled lumbar support control and extra cozy cushioning, the Transformer couch for back support set delivers in every category. A USB charging port in each control wand keeps your devices going and within reach. Beautiful rustic coloration adds to the look of every living room. Complete with power recliner, power headrest, and power lumbar support, you can relax knowing this is one of the best reclining sofa with lumbar support options available.

Unlike most other power recliner living room sets, the Transformer Collection sofa surpasses simple power recliner and headrest tilt. Adding power lumbar support allows you to control every element of couch to your exact preference. Achieve the back support you need and bask in the endless comfort that awaits with 3-point precision power control.

Power lumbar support for back painPowered recliner and powered headrest tilt controlUSB port in each control wand


Power lumbar support for back pain

Powered recliner and powered headrest tilt control

USB port in each control wand

Rustic texturing and easy-to-match coloration

*Max suggested weight: 300 lbs per recliner / 600 lbs total

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SKU del fabricante 9480739HRLB
SKU de Conn's9480739HRLB
DiseñoTransicional / Tradicional
Medidas87.5” x 44.5” x 43.3”
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Transformer Reclining Sofa - 9480739HRLB
Sofá reclinable Transformer - 9480739HRLB
SKU #: 9480739HRLB