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Televisores LG NanoCell

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LG NanoCell TVs feature a 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution, or 4X the resolution of an older full HD TV, and a full-array local dimming. NanoCell TVs get their slim profiles and amazing contrast ratios from the light-emitting diodes that provide the backlighting for your picture. Conn's HomePlus store offers a variety of LG NanoCell TVs to choose from. Shop at Conn's today!

What is NanoCell technology?

NanoCell is an LG technology that uses particles that absorb unwanted light wavelengths, enhancing the purity of the red and green colors on the TV screen. This technology creates more lifelike colors that maintain accuracy at even wider viewing angles. The NanoCell technology is new, but the price varies, so this technology can be affordable for almost anyone. LG offers NanoCell TVs ranging from $600 - $4,000, depending on the different features you are looking for. While most LG TVs offer the NanoCell technology and have "NANO" in their name, some newer QNED TVs offer this technology.

NanoCell vs. QLED TV – Which to Choose?

QLED TVs use a layer of quantum dots to help improve color and brightness on the screen. Therefore, QLED TVs appear vibrant and have boosted pictures compared to other television sets. NanoCell technology differs from the QLED technology, but the results are similar. QLED uses VA panels, so the contrast ratio is often more improved than NanoCell televisions. However, NanoCell TVs benefit from the excellent viewing angles of the IPS panels. So, when comparing QLED and NanoCell TVs - you must think about what is more important - contrast ratio or viewing angle. Once you have decided on that, you must look into other features to make your final decision. NanoCell vs. OLED - Which is Better?

As mentioned above, LG's NanoCell televisions are in-plane switching (IPS) and LCD screens. This type of screen allows for wide viewing angles. NanoCells have another feature - the nanoparticle layer. This layer helps filter out incoming light wavelengths that affect brightness and color. The filter mainly helps with greens and reds, meaning the color cannot bleed. NanoCell TVs have accurate color compared to other LED TVs.

On the other hand, OLED TVs have different types of screens. The Organic light-emitting diodes are self-illuminating, and this means that it is possible to have fully black parts on the screen and vivid colors. Since there is no backlight, OLED screens are very thin and curved screens.

NanoCell LG TV Pros and Cons

LG NanoCell TVs offer a full-array local dimming (FALD). This type of technology dims the backlight on the TV, which gives you darker blacks and shadows. This also helps improve the dynamic range of the screen. While this is like OLED TVs, NanoCell TVs are more affordable.

So, why purchase a NanoCell TV over an OLED TV? Below are some pros and cons of a NanoCell TV.


  • • Better picture quality compared to other LED TVs
  • • Accurate colors with sharp and detailed images
  • • Half the price of an OLED TV
  • • Wide viewing angle – up to 178-degree viewing angles
  • • Do not suffer from “burn-in” if left on a static image for too long

While there are some pros - just like any other TV, there will be cons. We have listed these below.


  • • Considered an LCD TV with a backlight, the color accuracy, and picture quality may not be as good as OLEDs.
  • • Black colors are not as dark on a NanoCell compared to an OLED TV.
  • • NanoCell TVs have higher power consumption compared to OLEDs.

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Many may say that a NanoCell TV is the best TV when looking at the pros and cons. What do you think? Ready to make your purchase now? At Conn's HomePlus, we can help you pick out your next LG NanoCell TV. Shop online or stop by one of our stores today and let a TV expert help you.