Infused with bamboo charcoal to regulate humidity, temperature and odors, the Zoned Dough® + Bamboo Charcoal pillow is paired with Zoned Dough® technology for one of the best sleep materials available. Its Zoned Technology™ cradles the head with larger holes on the inside while supporting the neck with smaller holes on the outside. Additionally, the Dough® formula creates a softer, more supportive memory foam that is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic creating clean, long-lasting comfort. Accompanying the pillow is a luxuriously soft rayon from bamboo velour cover, excellent for sensitive skin and temperature regulation.

Zoned Dough® + Bamboo Charcoal - Almohada de esponjosidad media, Queen

Great for people with allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin

Zoned Technology™ supports neck and aligns spine for optimal comfort

Excellent pressure point relief and support

Ventilated for increased air circulation and breathability

Almohada Queen

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SKU del fabricante ZZQQMPZB
MarcaProductos Malouf para dormir
Línea de productoZoned Dough
Peso del producto10
Medidas(LxWxH) 16" x 29" x 7"
Medidas de envío16" x 29" x 7"
Información adicionalMaterial: Zoned Dough
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Dough® Memory Foam
Exclusive formula of premium memory foam is more responsive, exceptionally supportive and has a slower recovery time than typical memory foam.

Bamboo Charcoal
Bamboo charcoal offers superior thermal and moisture regulation, as well as natural abilities to absorb odors.

Zoned Technology™
Zoning creates the perfect combination of comfort, support and airflow. Larger holes in the center of the pillow cradle your head, while smaller holes around the perimeter create a supportive zone for your neck.
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Zoned Dough® + Bamboo Charcoal - Almohada de esponjosidad media, Queen, ZZQQMPZB

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