The right softness and support, combined with natural aromatherapy, creates a truly relaxing experience. With the Zoned Dough® Lavender with Spritzer, savor the relaxing fragrance of lavender. Help induce your sleep and regulate your sleep cycle with the oil infused pillow. The included 2 ml spritzer allows you to refresh the aroma when needed. Plush, curve-conforming Dough® memory foam is designed specifically for side sleepers, it supports the neck smaller holes around the edges and cradles the head with larger holes in the center.

The Zoned Dough® Lavender with Spritzer features the relaxing fragrance of lavender, known to induce sleep for the best nights sleep possbile.

Natural Lavender Oil Infusion

Zoned Dough® memory foam

Breathable Tencel™ Cover

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SKU del fabricante ZZQQMPASZL
MarcaProductos Malouf para dormir
Línea de productoZoned Dough
Peso del producto20
Medidas(LxWxH) 16" x 29" x 6"
Medidas de envío16" x 29" x 6"
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  • Natural Lavender Oil Infusion
  • 2 mL natural lavender oil spritzer included with King and Queen size
  • Zoned Dough® memory foam
  • Breathable Tencel™ Cover
  • Unique shoulder recess designed for side sleepers for ultimate comfort and ergonomic support
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    5 año
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    Zoned Dough® Lavender with Spritzer - Queen - ZZQQMPASZL
    Zoned Dough® lavanda con atomizador - Queen (ZZQQMPASZL)